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Goals of medical science affairs

In 2000 according to extension of the educational and therapeutic space and also necessity of student educational and therapeutic quality, the university president confirmed the suggestion of medical affairs office approbation. The office, by having a future outlook, reform and extend the medical organization.

Now, the medical affairs office area include:

-medical faculty

-paramedical faculty

-Aria hospital

-22 Bahman hospital

Medical affairs office view

·          Attraction of elite due to access the highest standards of the medical education, research and therapeutic surveillance

·          Efficient staff who can satisfy country's surveillance needs

·          Performing widespread research and publication of the results and achievements utilization in diagnosis of affairs, therapy, pursuit of different illnesses

·          Presentation of the recognition and therapeutic services to patients in subordinate hospitals

·         Existence of the new specialization and post specialization fields to meet the educational, research and therapeutic needs

·         Outstanding and leading  pattern in thecountry's medical education research and treatment and continous development of the ethical and educational standards

The university activity in medical sciences fields started in 1985 by admission of 52 students. Since the academic fields extension is a step for each region development, therefore IAUM medical affairs office proceeded to make the fields extensive and

innovated. Now, since the establishment of the scientific department, the students combination is as follows:626 students in medical department,366 students in nursing department,250 students in obstetrics department,133 students in operating-room

department,119 students in anesthesia department and 109 students in baby care department continue their education.

Indices development in medical education

IAUM medical affairs office, by paying attention to university strategies, have aimed at the elements and indices of education

development and extension in its Development Plan. The office, in a short time, has succeeded to make the ratio of the faculty

members to the students optimum and develop the faculty members pyramid status.

The office has decided to be the best server for whole of the society in providing good and healthy life in physical, psychological

and social turns by educating the most competent and specialized persons