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Activities of medical science affairs

in a few lines is impossible, therefore it has been tried to describe the university activities, capabilities and potentials which are done by the faculty regarding educational, therapeutic and research affairs in two recent years:

·          Mobilization of the university facilities in the third turn of the medical faculties ranking plan;Getting the education permission for Aria and

·          22 Bahman hospitals;

·          General reform of the basic sciences staff members evaluation forms and considering the therapeutic-research activities in annual evaluation.

·          Implementation of  IT center of Medical Faculty

·          Implementation of the medical science research center;

·          Changing the plan of educating stagers clinical theory lessons;

•·          Changing the manner of holding the conferences and CPC presentation;

•·          Establishment of the medical faculty educational council;

·         Implementation of the clinical instruction office in 17Shahrivar hospital;

·          Implementation of the student café net in Aria and 22Bahman hospitals;

·          Activating the medical equipment purchase committee;

·          Equipping the libraries which are in the hospital sections;

·          Implementation of the audio- visual unit in the hospitals of the university;

·          Equipping and implementing the medical education studies and development center;

·          Implementation Medical Faculty website;

·          Getting the promoting license(permission) of the Medical Faculty magazine;

·         Development of the students admission rate in the comprehensive test of per intern and basic sciences;

·          Implementation of the internal section(educational and therapeutic)in Aria hospital by occupation of 51 percent of beds and good variety of patients for students;

·          Formal implementing of adult ICU in 22Bahman hospital since 2006;

·          Implementation of the faculty members café net in 22bahman hospital;

·          Separation of the educational and therapeutic duties of each hospital;

·          Extension of NICU section in 22Bahman hospital;

·          Equipping the test evaluation unit by sheet-reader

·         Establishment of the 115 emergency base in 22 Bahman hospital;

The university role in women's scientific growth

The ever growing scientific trend of women presents

·          bright horizons for their further role playing in different activities of the society. The women scientific growth in addition to half of the society's members science growth, has great effect on knowledge of  the other members of the society.

·          55 percent of total medical graduates of the university are women.

The university role in development of the society scientific and hygienic level

·          Universities have fundamental role in training the specialized persons and performing the hygienic policies and developing the society health. In this regard, IAUM pride on, after 20 years effort in medical fields and for developing the society scientific and hygienic level, has succeeded to train 3012 postgraduates in this field.

·         Most of the postgraduates are on nursing field (34 percent) and after this on medical field(29 percent).

Medical departments

The medical administration of IAUM includes 22 independent departments as follow:

Radiology-surgery- urology- Orthopedy- cardia (heart)- dermatology-brain and neurosurgery-nerves and psychology - pediatrics-

gynecology-ophthalmology-pathology-basic science- hygiene-operating-room and anesthesia-nursing-obstetrics-internal medicine-

emergency - neurosurgery -ENT-infectious diseases