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Designing and Planning and Budget Office

Designing and Planning and Budget Office has been formed of three departments as follow:

·          The Evaluation and Supervision Department which supervises the university plans.

·          The Planning Department which has the duty of arranging the short-term and long-term plans of the university.

·          The Budget Department which has the responsibility of preparing and arranging the university budget, with cooperation of related units, and considers and evaluates the budget operation and compares it with the unit's plans.

Real veneration of the students

·          Preparing and arranging the survey forms of the students in order to venerate the students realy through applying and respecting to their opinion

·          Asking common, semester superior and graduate superior students' opinions about the professors every semester 

·          Survey about the students resident in the dormitories about the facilities and manner of the university counterparts behaviour

·          Survey about the students using the university self service about food, facilities and the manner of the university counterpart behaviour

·          Survey about the students satisfaction of registration, course selection and omission and addition in each semester

Performance evaluation of the professors and education departments

·          Evaluation of faculty members according to related operations and the following defined indices

·          The students(common,term superior,superior graduate) evaluations and evaluation of the educational department counterparts(medical and nonmedical).

·          Evaluation of the departments managers and the faculties' presidents and education assistants of the university about medical and nonmedical faculty members.

·          Inquiry from research managers of the faculties for the status of the professors' research affairs.

·          Evaluation of clinical faculty members of Medical Department regarding research-therapeutic-education indices.

·          Offering suggestion to the university president regarding appreciation of educational departments which had the highest performance.

Continous presence of deputies of the university president beside the students

·          Different visits of the exams locations in final exams of the term

·          Different periodic visits of ficulties in order to be aware of the status of registration, course selection and omission and addition in each semester

·          Visiting and supervising condition of the students dormitories, students self service at the beginning, middle and end of the first and second semesters

Effective control

The main goal of supervising is defining thedegree of attainment to organizational goals and realization of predicted plans.The Designing and Planning Office utilizes different kinds of controls in order to reach the control and supervision goals and considers the organization activities with combination of diffrenet kinds of controls in various stages and regarding its abilities and facilities, defines standards, evaluates performances, recognizes possible diversions and suggests revisory actions for realization of an effective and ideal control.

Supervising the schools subset of Sama Vice Presidency

·          Distributing question papers of survey about Sama schools

·          Coordinated visit of the institute president and Sama education staffs from each educational unit

·          Classifying institutes subset of Sama Vice Principal on the basis of pre-university, high school, guidance schools, elementary school according to the defined indices such as passing percentage, achieving first to third ranks in scientific,art and sport competitions of each unit, number of students admitted in the scientific olympias and countrywide entrance exam, number of increasing or decreasing the population of students the institute compared with the previous year

·          Grading institutes subset of Sama Vice Presidency on the basis of financial Operation