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Goals of Cultural Affairs

The importance of cultural activities in the university

Most of the thinkers and scientists believe that not only cultural affairs should be one of the priorities of  a country's plans, but also are the base of success and development in the areas such as economy and politics.

In higher educational systems of developed countries, cultural affairs are very important.116

Fortunately, with the supports of the Mashhad branch of Azad University's principal, Islamic Culture Offices have been established since the inception of  the university.

The structure of the Office of Cultural Affairs

Forming a structure, establishing organizations and allocating enough budgets are the necessities for organizing and training of the specialists and scientists.

Since the principal and other officials of the Azad University of Mashhad care about the Islamic values and cultures and also because of the religious atmosphere of Mashhad, they pay great deal of attention to the influencing factors of the success of this office.12 staff and 14 line personnel work in this office.

Important goals of the Office of Cultural Affairs          

·          Creating a system for policy making, organizing and supporting cultural activities.

·          Safe guarding of the Islamic-Iranian identity and culture in the university.

·          Deepening of the Islamic and spiritual atmosphere in the university in order to achieve the goals of Islamic Revolution.

·          Promoting the self-confidence spirit and utilizing the abilities of the university human powers for creating cultural and social stimulation according to the society and university's needs.

·          Achieving the Iranian-Islamic civilization maker university as a need for today's society.