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Civil Affairs Policies

Goals and policies141

·          Planning for providing skeletal spaces and preparation of comprehensive plan of the university and providing field and other facilities base on development plan of high education.

·          To increase security coefficient and being obligatory of the building disciplines and precept specially in resistant making.

·          To use qualified, capable contractors who have new and valid ranking from managing and planning organization

·          To achieve idealistic average of 10 square meters for each student, paying special attention to the views beauty, environment and enclosure making and providing dormitory for at least 35% of the students during The Forth Development Plan.

Being update of executive knowledge

The Vice Presidency pride on emphasis on being update of performance knowledge in the whole operations and using modern material and systems:

·          Using of chromite roof in order to reduce the building’s weight and * blocks in order to reduce the overhead  weight and speed of walls building.

·          Using smart control systems in powerstations and using thermostatic faucets of radiator.

·          Using two-side windows in projects in order to prevent the sound and energy wasting

·          Using new soft-wares of Sap , Safe  , Etabs and Autocad in order to provide and control construction and architecture plots

·          Presentation of utmost idealistic services with high speed in repairing and maintenance units to sub-set buildings and also to 107 buildings