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Civil Office

Vice Chancellor for Building & Development :



Mr Amir Tavallaei



· Phone : +98 511 6220435

· Fax :  +98 5116220435


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Vice chancellor for buiding and development was established in late 1994 in Mashhad branch to achieve a desired higher educational system and to provide the required educational, administrative, and welfare infrastructures in the university. The main purpose of this office is to supervise the operation and maintenance of the infrastructure buildings and installations to help the development of educational programs and increase the capacity of student admission. Major activities of this office include Planning Office, Office of Supervision and Executive Affairs, and Repair and Maintenance Office.


A)      Vice Chancellor for Building & Development

B)      Planning Office

C)      Office of Supervision and Executive Affairs

D)      Repair and Maintenance Office


Main duties of Vice chancellor for Building & Development:


1. Visiting sites for academic complexes and preparing the required report to be submitted to Vice Chancellor of IAU Central Office to make a better decisions

2. Collecting the required information such as geographical, cultural, social, economical, political and physical conditions for comprehensive projects

3. Preparing and approving executive plans for the areas less than 1000, 2000, 3000 and 4500 sq m for midsize, large and comprehensive branches (training, administrative, welfare, service and etc.). Certainly the projects by more than 4500 sq m area in comprehensive branches, 3000 sq m in large branches and 1000 sq m in midsize branches as well as all plans and projects for comprehensive and large educational, welfare, and administrative plans, and projects for laboratories and hospitals, and conference halls will be prepared in Central Office by General Administration of Technical Affairs or consultant engineers and are approved by Vice Chancellor of Construction and Development to be notified for execution.

4. Conducting preliminary measurements such as consulting with professionals and facilitating the required paperwork to execute the project and plans

5. Asking for permits and approvals on projects costs based on related regulations from the Transaction Commission of the university branch and Central Office

6. Concluding contracts in compliance with the contents approved by Central Office of the University ( Vice Chancellor of Construction & Development)

7. Supervising the execution of the projects and plans and reviewing the statements submitted by the contractors

8. Preparing a list of materials required for the projects and submitting the list to procurement section to supply the materials on time

9. Preparing the facilities and tools for the workshops

10. Preparing the surveying facilities for technical and mechanical soil tests and other technical facilities needed for the projects

11. Visiting and commenting on properties in which the University intends to purchase or lease to develop the sites and submitting it to authorities

12. Regular planning for the repair and maintenance of all buildings and installations

13. Preparing and submitting a progress report on projects to Central Organization



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