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Civil Affairs goals

By the goal of achieving to an idealistic high education system and in the direction of providing necessary space for the university, building Vice Presidency was established, in 1993, in Mashhad in coordination with developing plans of fields and capacity of students admission and also utilization and maintenance of buildings and basic installation. Now, the area’s operations are accomplished by three offices (designing office-performing and supervision office- reparation and maintenance office) and inexhaustible activities of 23 personnel.


25 year outlook

By paying attention to ever increasing important of quality indexes of education in IAUM and  planning done for presentation of idealistic services to students, comprehensive plan of the university in Golbahar new city was spot in 1999.

The plan studies was started in two stages that, in first stage for the capacity of 12150 students and in second stage for the capacity of 13350 students and totally for the capacity of 25500 students, was predicted and designed and approved by consulting engineers with 472503 square meters infrastructure and also occupation of a field surface which is 212440 square meters for next 25 years.

Among the important qualities of the plan are idealistic average of 10 square meters for each students, special attention to the views beauty, environment and enclosure making and providing dormitory for at least 35% of the students.

The first building of IAUM

The first building of IAUM was established at present location (building NO.1) of Science Faculty in 1883 with three fields of chemistry, physics and mathematics.

The building has 2200 square meters infrastructure in three storeys and it is educational building. The building of laboratory, classrooms and library has been built and implemented by Building Vice Presidency.