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administrative and financial office Goals

Human resources development, cornerstone of activities

·          Providing scientific awareness and promoting the level of personnel's information and knowledge

·          Promoting personnel's capacities and abilities and promoting their social knowledge level

·          Developing skills and abilities of performing work and performance improvement Updating personnel's data and preparing for promotion

·          Solving personnel's problems and issues

·          Personality, values and growth of ethics for achieving ideal official system

Job security of personnel

In organizational life, job security is among the issues that the personnel of organizations are involved with, and part of psychical and intellectual energy of organization is spent for this issue. If personnel reach an ideal peace of mind level

in this subject, they can easily spend their potency and intellectual and physical energy to organization and the organization also is less involved in human tension.

When job security is discussed the issue of becoming formally employed and garanteed salary comes to the mind. The administrative and financial vice presidency of IAUM in addition of paying attention to formalization and permanent employment of the personnel, emphases on personnel empowerment which is the main point in job security.