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The general office of administration affairs

The general office of administration affairs, in recent years, has had a good performance regarding better performance of predetermine tasks based on established definitions; And among the successes of this general office are reduction of  the delays in personnel's group promotion, improvement in the Personnel Office * system, improvement in mailing system and letters and the most importantly more attention to personnel welfare affairs.

Main activities of the general management of administration affairs are such as:

a) Installation and implementation of presence and absence mechanized system

b) Implementation of official automation project

c) Developing the university welfare services in 2008

Presence and absence mechanized system

In the administrative area, the personnel office more control and discipline peers' traffic more precisely by installation and implementation of KARA-PW presence  and absence mechanized system and work hours of the personnel is transmitted to the finance office faster and more precisely.

Among other soft-wares, which are in progress and going to be completed and translated to a general program, is mechanizing the whole process of cooperators' mission performance and presentation of all necessary reports.

The first university with office automation system» throughout the region

Design of implementation of office automation project has been introduced and studying affairs of that has  been performed. And in this regard, with coordination of the Information Technology Center, lots of meetings, with participation of consultant engineering company, were held and finally, with the performed pursuits, necessary permit was obtained by the Central Organization in order to install and implement the general official systems and therefore Mashhad unit, as the first unit in the region, will install and implement the «official automation system» soon.

Implementation plan of office automation

In order to make reversion and mailing of letters in secretariat office faster, necessary pursuits were done in using the update technology and related soft-wares. In the mentioned system, each official has a particular cartable which all of the owner's letters and communications lie in.

So each person has the list of sent, received, delayed, following letters and particular warnings in mechanized manner and all of reversions throughout the university are done by official automation system and don't need to be done handy. Entered letters, after scanning and registering by the system, lie in the cartable of the receiver and receiver, after emprise, can reverse the letter to the all permitted part. By paying attention to enbloc (coordinated) management of information, pursuit of letters and communication short history of each letter are accessible easily.  

welfare affairs

•·          Presentation of complementary insurance of surplus treatment to 632 persons who are applicant employees and faculty members(with their family members)

•·          Introduction of cooperators to banks in order to receive automobile loans(47 persons),furniture loans(44 persons) and lending loans(31 persons)

•·          Presentation of accident insurance during servicing and compulsory lifetime insurance to employees and faculty members

•·          Holding summer half-day camps in Sahab Hotel restaurant and Chaharfasl-e-Anbaran restaurant

•·          Utilization of university employees and faculty members from choices of camps out of the city in welfare&sport complexes located in the north of the country

•·          Holding free time classes special for university cooperators' children in physical science faculty during summer

Appreciation of exemplary Personnel

In order to realization of following goals, a glorious ceremony is held every year that the personnel and their families are invited and during the ceremony 4 exemplary managers,7 experts and 11 exemplary employees of the university are appreciated.

•·          Attending to human resource as the most important factor of value creating,creation and protecting of contending privilege

•·          Providing main needs, revere and respect to personnel's great human stature

•·          Developing the system of best on the competence in the whole organizational level 

•·          Effective keeping and protecting and utilizing of the personnel through management mechanisms

Entertaining of Imam Reza's holy shrine pilgrims

For welfare of Imam Reza's holy shrine pilgrims and Norouz(new year) travelers in Norouz holidays, welcoming and entertaining committee is formed in the university.

Entertaining the traveler cooperators from all over the country is in the faculties, submission schools, complex of welfare and cultural center and equipped suites of region 9 secretariat building. In 2008, 271 families (2977 persons) have used the available equipments.

Management of provisions and stores

•·          Holding 22 public callings for tenders in purchase commission and purchase performance over 25355646172 Rials.

•·          Mechanize the system of protecting and controlling and issuing the documents of stores office

•·          Canalize and specialize the purchases in the regard of increasing utilization coefficient and concentrate on more precise of operators' operation.

•·          Mechanize the purchases network in order to mention characteristic of purchase process from the prime request to delivering to store

•·          Mechanize the requests network and establishing the permits of store exit.