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Financial affairs general office

Financial affairs general office was implemented, since the establishment of the university, as an accounting center and with ever increasing development of the university and the unit rank promotion, this office is developed in dimensions of structure and duties, in the way that it is developed to financial affairs general office now.

The general office includes four offices of chattels office, consideration of documents office, receipt and payment office and bookkeeping affairs and account arrangement office. 

Tuition receipt system

·          Possibility of entering the tuition information according to circular.

·          Announce tuition to student after course selection.

·          Possibility of payment by instalmernts of tuition in mechanized manner if student requests and according to disciplines and circulars.

·          Possibility of  registering bill, cheque and draft by the student in the mechanized system in the course selection and add and omission time.

·          Announce tuition credit/debt to student in mechanized manner.

·          Possibility of report making from every financial operations of the student for managing report and utilization in order to issue accounting documents.

Students' payment by instalmernts of tuition

·          Students' payment by instalmernts of tuition in the first term of 2008-2009 was done with receiving 41219 cheques with 43412237316 Rials value.

·          Increasing security of the tuition system.

·          Surveying strategies of possibilities of receiving cheque from the students regard of tuition and make it actualized since the first term of 2009

·          Updating the tuition information and settling with student every term

Students' welfare fund 

One of the main goals of IAUM is creation of necessary facilities for possibility of education continuous of capable students who don't have been able to pay their education tuition pecuniarily (in cash);so the student welfare fund with available facilities and equipments lends and presents student facilities to the students, who have passed their first educational term, in all other terms up to 50 percent of the whole constant and variant tuitions, by regard of loan regulation according to announcements fixed on the information boards by the fund in all terms.