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About IAUM

Mashhad city, the provincial capital of Khorassan E Razavi, Iran 's largest province. That is the nation's second largest city and also Iran 's holiest city and a place of pilgrimage for Shiite Moslems from all over the world. Khorassan is one of Iran 's most important provinces both geographically and historically as well as religious. It is also the cradle of the Persian (Farsi) language and the civilization of eastern Iran , and the homeland of many great Iranian poets, writers and scholars . And today, by the help of God and under the supports of the Islamic Revolution, Mashhad is offering another great opportunity for knowledge production. The Islamic Azad University-Mashhad Branch (IAUM) is one the main and earliest branches of the Islamic Azad University (IAU). IAU is a chain university with a total of over 350 Branches around Iran , and 5 Branches overseas. The IAUM is established in December 1982 , as a response to the high demand for higher education, after the Islamic Revolution in Iran . The institution receives no financial aid from the government. It is self financed entirely by the fees it receives from the students and is run by a board of trustees. Each one of the Islamic Azad University's branches are a comprehensive university on its own right with many faculties, and offers various degrees up to PhD. Mashhad branch became one of the Comprehensive unit in July 2000 and in the second general assembly of the International Association of University, and the Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World, April 2001 Koualalampur, Malaysia, became one of the its active members .

The IAUM has over 550 members of academic staff, and about 30000 students. Students are studying in 124 different subjects in 6 major programs of medical science, science, humanities, engineering, agriculture, art and architecture and in four different degrees of undergraduate, graduate, Master and PHD. Until now more than 110000 students are graduated from this university. Staffs of this branch are more than 1000 persons, in which most of them are in graduate and post-graduate level. The university has several faculties including Basic Sciences, Art, Humanities, Engineering, Linguistic, Sport, law, Agriculture and Medicine from undergraduate to post-graduate , level, with wide Variety  of subjects covering almost every field from social sciences to medicine and from basic sciences to the theology.

IAUM owns over 220162 square meters of land for academic spaces, administrative services, cultural activities, welfare, sport complex , health care and treatment and about 29.7 hectares agricultural land . All this has happened in a period of less than 25 years.

Islamic Azad University -Mashhad Branch has a world-wide reputation in sports, apart from its academic participations in major international conferences, in various fields around the world.

Many graduates of the Islamic Azad University are pursuing their post-doctoral researches at various well-known universities, such as Europe, the United States , Canada , Australia , New Zealand , and other well-known institutions in other countries of the world. Graduates of this University occupy important positions and posts, both in Iran and abroad. In the fact that this Branch has brought about various job in Mashhad . During 25 years existence history, IAUM has completed two stages, and now is on its third stage. Briefly these stages are listed below:

First decade: Utilizing scattered capacities of higher education .

Second decade: Upgrading capacities in higher education.

Third decade: Advancing quality of education .

IAUM digital library has been established and accessible for all the staff, and students. The IAUM offers scholarship to postgraduate and PhD, students in some disciplines.

At the present time, IAUM is regarded as one of the reputable "knowledge generation" centers of the West Asia . Its reputation is mostly due to applying high-tech sciences in fields such as Basic Sciences, Architecture, Robotic Sciences, Computer, and Civil Engineering. Many of our international achievements are based on our Vision. The mission of IAUM is the full development of Human Resources and knowledge promotion to achieve a better and peaceful life. With the vision of IAUM to become one of the top universities by 2020, enjoying a high position among the international universities in that year is a direct outcome of our Vision.

The IAUM invites and welcomes all students who wish to further their education in our university programs. At IAUM we take pride in being responsive, by all means, to the needs of our students. Two decades experience highlights our outstanding achievement in the promotion of higher education, which to our belief, plays an effective role in materializing the goals and objectives of the 21st century, the age of knowledge as declared by noted scholars world over.

Address: Ostad Yusofi Street, Emamieh Boulevard ,GhasemAbad, Mashhad, Iran.

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